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Practical Leadership

It all starts with you, so how can you be a better leader? Let’s talk about what you want to achieve, where you’re struggling, and what you can do to lead with confidence. Improve your team’s growth and success by improving yourself.

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Strategic Planning With Results

How do you take a group of people and lead them to accomplish a goal? Let’s create a plan together that’s realistic, time-bound, and produces real results.

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Team Structure Audit

Do you have the right people on your team? Are they in the right positions? Are you moving with efficiency and consistency? Let’s find out together with my 8-Step Organize The Chaos Process.


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Let's do coffee

Let's talk about what your business needs. There's no obligation to work with me whatsoever. Within 48 hours of our meeting I'll give you a free, personalized, step-by-step "Recommended Action Plan" that is yours to do with as you please.



Matt Johnson @ Muletown Roasted Coffee

Matt Johnson @ Muletown Roasted Coffee

"Danny has been a great asset to us in organizing our company. His clear-headed systematic approach to small business has helped us reach short term goals and chart the course toward the achievement of our biggest dreams. He has a real gift for providing focus and clarity. He’s approachable, practical and a joy to work with." - Matt Johnson @ Muletown Roasted Coffee

Cody Hawkins @ Capitol Construction Services

Cody Hawkins @ Capitol Construction Services

"Danny's ability to see through the fog and disarray that many companies are met with are tackled head on through his determination to decipher complex issues that create stagnation throughout every department. Danny is an integral tool for any business looking to create effective and efficient systems that effect the bottom line and growth potential. Bottom line: He gets the job done and surpasses your expectations on every level." - Cody Hawkins @ Capitol Construction Services

Camille Taylor @ Camille Taylor Professional Server Training

Camille Taylor @ Camille Taylor Professional Server Training

"Danny is a great guy, friendly, professional, and very creative. Danny has also made it easier for me to run my small business with his knowledge of time saving programs and tools. He trained me to edit my website to my liking and I learn more every day. His pricing is reasonable and he makes sure you are completely satisfied with the work. Thanks Danny!" - Camille Taylor @ Camille Taylor Professional Server Training

"I can't say enough positive things about Mr. Coleman and his desire to make where he works a better place. Dedication, devotion and positive energy...this is Danny Coleman!" - Shane Kuykendall @ William B. Saleh Painting Company

Shane Kuykendall @ William B. Saleh Painting Co.

Shane Kuykendall @ William B. Saleh Painting Co.



Humility, honesty, and a desire to improve - this is what you can expect from me. Likewise, I only work with teams that can be humble, honest, and open to improving themselves.

Let's do great things together.

About Me


I've been working for small teams and businesses since I was 14 years old. From plant nurseries, family optometrists, and landscaping companies to real estate agents, coffee shops, and painting contractors. I've been so thankful for the opportunities I've had to learn and grow with these amazing, hard working small business owners.

My heart beats for the small businesses. They're the backbone of our economy and each one is a unique aspect of the towns and cities they're a part of. Their role is pivotal - providing jobs, building communities, and promoting commerce where we all live.

This passion drives me to excel at helping to bring big ideas to small businesses; helping them maximize resources, improve efficiencies, and create an attractive culture that others want to be a part of. Understanding how the pieces fit together and actualizing a vision is what I pride myself on being the best at.