[Refine Your Vision]

creating a vision for your life and then fitting the business to that

If you don't define what you want your life to look like and how you want your time to be spent, the needs of your business will decide for you.

Don't accept that "this is just the way it has to be." It doesn't. Let me help you define and set clear, practical, and achievable goals that will help minimize the time you personally spend in your business.

Together, we'll...

  • Define your "Perfect Day" - an exercise that changed my life and can change yours too
  • Define the relationship you currently have with your business and compare that with the relationship you want to have with your business
  • Determine what stands between where you are now and where you want to be - then create a plan with clear, practical, achievable goals.

[Business Development Projects]

hire, automate, outsource or eliminate with low-cost virtual assistants

If you're like most small business owners/managers, you are probably spending several hours per week doing things like inputting receipts, tinkering with websites/brochures/flyers to market your business, or searching Google for potential leads in your area. I have over 5 years of experience managing virtual assistants that can literally do everything that is sucking up your time - and for a fraction of your current cost (because remember - time is money).

Imagine no longer having to...

  • Edit your website
  • Create financial reports
  • Edit photos for social media
  • Input receipts
  • Design flyers or brochures
  • Perform data entry work
  • Call/follow up with leads

implementing long term plans

How often do you make plans for your business only to have them fizzle out and end up unfulfilled? Does your business have untapped potential that you simply don't have the time to unleash? Creating and then executing long term plans are what separate the good businesses from the great businesses. Let me help you invest in your business and tap into that potential.

[Find and Build Your A-Team]

Business Structure, Organization, and hiring

Maintaining good business structure and systems can be difficult when your team is small and everyone is trying to pitch in to keep things moving. The problem with this approach is that when everyone (or more than one person) is responsible for a process - no one can actually be held accountable for the results.

Let's talk about your business, how it should be organized, how to find good talent for the long term, and how you can find yourself and your team enjoying work everyday.

Working with me, we'll...

  • Create an organization chart of your business
  • Determine if your company size merits the creation of a "Leadership Team" and find out who are the right people to manage the various aspects of your business 
  • Define what positions exist in your business and what results those positions are responsible for
  • Clarify who is accountable to who so that communication travels up and down the right channels
  • Conduct interviews to reduce your employee turnover
  • Create or improve your onboarding process so that employees feel comfortable and hit the ground running
  • Uncover who on your team will/will not thrive in a management position
  • Help you develop customized interview practices so that you're hiring the right person for the right job
  • Implement ideas on how to improve employee retention and leadership development

[Small Business Technology Solutions]

Technology Research & Implementation

Are your sales people still using paper or Excel to keep track of leads? What about when you have a big project to manage but all your plans live in the notebook you left at home?

There are many free or very affordable solutions to issues like team communication, project management, and tracking sales leads through the sales process. You may already know this but simply need some informed guidance on what service is the right one for your team and hands on help getting them trained on using it.

I can help...

  • Understand your needs and level of "tech savviness" so that I can match you to the right tech tools
  • Help train you and/or your staff on how to use technology to save time and money all while simplifying and improving your systems and processes